Vision and Mission statement

“BARAT S.A”’s vision is the worldwide recognition of our handmade products by providing high quality and great market value, whilst ensuring that customer satisfaction is the core value in everything we do.

Company’s mission is:

  • To provide noticeably flavourful customer satisfaction by producing biscuits of all preferences.
  • To maintain our accurate system management in product delivery (organization, consistency, speed).
  • To ensure high quality and dominant market value by continually improving and innovating our efficient procedures, driven by work-force and technology, where necessary certifications are included.
  • To create sustainable relationships with our honourable business partners and customers, in either current or future co-operations, whilst supporting the local communities.
  • To invest in recruitment, training and improvement of our people, so long term success can be achieved.
  • To support voluntary actions of our local areas by supplying institutions, churches and organizations in need.