In 1993, Christos Korakis took over the family business, creating a company of the same name under the name Christos Korakis, which had been founded by his father, Nikolaos Korakis, in 1979. The company specialized in the production of various types of bread and pastries while creating a product distribution network in the surrounding areas of Serres. , by proprietary means.


In the year 1997, alongside the production of pastries and our love for confectionery, the production of handmade biscuits begins with the aim of approaching the traditional bakery.


Due to the increased demand for our quality products, in the year 1998 the company “KORAKI NIK. AFOI O.E.” with distinctive title “ARKO OE”. This establishment marked the nationwide distribution of our handmade biscuits, with the main product being the Bharat biscuit, on which the wholesale sale of this particular code first began.


The production of bread stops in the year 2006, where we now focus on handmade cookies.

barat handmade cookies



The successful course of the Barat biscuit, as well as the rest of the products, prompted us in 2010 to establish the company BARAT Sole Proprietorship Commercial and Industrial Company (Bakery and Confectionery) with the distinctive title “BARAT M.A.E.V.E.”, which has as its main objective the marketing and distribution of the products of the company “ARKO” as well as selected producers, as well as the production – marketing of nuts.


In 2016, the sons of Christos Korakis (Nicolaos and Athanasios) become members of the company and the board of directors is now changing, where in the middle of 2017 the merger of the 2 companies “ARKO OE” and “BARAT M.A.E. B.E.” and the distinctive title is changed to “BARAT SA”.


Construction of a new production unit in Melenikitsi, Serres.

barat serres 

2023 εως και σήμερα

Today our company has more than 100 product codes, which are distributed daily in Greece through the same network and its partners. The well-equipped production unit with modern machinery, as well as the strictly controlled production-storage-distribution chain staffed by experienced personnel, contribute to ensuring the high quality and protection of traditional and modern cookies, in order to achieve the maximum satisfaction of each customer.