About Us

The story begins in 1993, when Christos Korakis took over τhe family business by creating homonymous company, named Christos Korakis, which was founded by his father Nikolaos Korakis in 1979. The company was specialized in the production of bread baking type of products, whilst establishing product distribution network with the surrounding areas of Serres, the city where the company is based in, by using proprietary means of transport.

In 1997, except the production of the above products, our love in confectionery drive us into handmade biscuits/cookies business with the target on traditional bakeries.
Due to increased demand for our high-quality products, 1998 is the milestone year for the establishment of “KORAKI NIK. Bros G.P.” with the unique title “ARKO G.P”. The latter meant the beginning of Greek nationwide distribution of our handmade biscuits/cookies, with Barat biscuit being the dominant product, on which wholesale distribution is encouraged.

Bread production comes to an end in 2006 and our focus turns to handmade biscuits/cookies only. The successful course of Barat biscuit, alongside with the rest of our products, pushed us in founding the company BARAT one-person limited liability trading and industrial company (bakery and confectionery) with unique title “BARAT O.S.A.”, which has as main goal the trade and deliver of “ARKO G.P.” and selected producers’ goods, as well as the nut trade.

In 2016, Christos’s sons (Nikolaos & Athanasios) become members of the company, hence the management board changes. In the meantime, mids of 2017, merger of the two companies “ARKO G.P” and “BARAT O.S.A” is established with a new unique title “BARAT S.A”.
Today, “BARAT S.A” has a product range of over 100 different product codes, which are daily delivered to almost all provinces of Greece via its own and its business partners’ distribution network. The well-equipped production facilities supplemented by innovative machinery and the strictly regulated chain of production – storage – delivery staffed by specialized work-force, contribute to high quality and product hygiene assurance of our traditional and creative handmade cookies/biscuits, and thus maximum customer satisfaction can be achieved.
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